Les avantages de l'Autopartage Inter-Entreprises

Unleash corporate mobility: inter-company car-sharing

Company car-sharing
is an important step forward in the direction of professional
business mobility
and greener mobility. Thanks to the
car-sharing technology
car-sharing technology, it is possible to go a step further and offer companies the possibility of sharing their fleet of vehicles with other organizations.

This fleet pooling strategy pushes back the limits of conventional car-sharing solutions, enabling a diverse range of companies, from SMEs to major corporations, to provide their employees with a fleet of shared vehicles that can be reserved on demand. In this article, we’ll look at the whys and wherefores of this approach.

Why opt for an inter-company car-sharing service?

At the heart of this approach are two essential objectives: optimizing the mobility and fleet management budgetand improving traffic conditions in business parks, particularly in areas with poor or limited public transport links.

By pooling a fleet of vehicles, companies reduce the costs associated with exclusive car ownership, while at the same time contributing to more responsible management of mobility resources.

Link to article: TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) :
how to evaluate the cost of a fleet of vehicles?

It also helps to alleviate traffic and parking problems in business parks.

How to set up a company car fleet pool?

Implementing inter-company car-sharing is fairly straightforward, provided you have identified
a trusted car-sharing partner
and a
business case
to be set up with the target companies.

First, let’s look at the essential elements to be taken into account by the company offering the fleet pooling service.

The project manager draws up a detailed contract, defining rates and conditions for fleet use and vehicle sharing. As part of the project, access to the car reservation software is extended to corporate customers.

is typically managed by a car-sharing provider, and therefore generates no additional workload. On the contrary, it simplifies the vehicle rental process and ensures transparent fleet management. Pay-as-you-go billing guarantees financial clarity for all parties involved.

For corporate customers, the service operates like a conventional car-sharing system. Online booking, self-service access to vehicles and return to a dedicated parking lot simplify day-to-day use.

Equipped with on-board tools such as badge readers and on-board computers, the vehicles can be booked from an online platform shared by all partner companies.

Advantages of inter-company car-sharing :

  1. Cost optimization This approach optimizes fleet management costs by sharing rental and maintenance costs between several structures.
  2. Rationalization of parking spaces The need for less parking space, combined with the fact that employees no longer use their personal cars for business trips, offers significant optimization.
  3. Contribution to Urban Mobility Plans (PDU) This practice is particularly relevant in business parks underserved by public transport, improving mobility while reducing congestion.
  4. Reducing congestion and pollution Reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution by encouraging soft modes of transport.


Inter-company car-sharing: challenges to overcome

Although the benefits are obvious, challenges remain:

  1. Insurance for shared vehicles in the event of a claim The question of insurance for vehicles shared by several companies requires special attention to ensure adequate coverage.
  2. Resistance to change Some employees may be reluctant to share their company car with other companies, pointing to the need for clear communication on the benefits of this practice, as well as training.
  3. Prior introduction of intra-company car-sharing It is preferable for the company initiating an inter-company fleet pooling scheme to have already implemented car-sharing between its own vehicles.
    car-sharing between its own vehicles
    Before extending carsharing to other companies.

Conclusions: together towards a smarter mobility future

Inter-company car-sharing represents a revolution in the way
mobility management
. Its economic, environmental and organizational advantages make it a truly attractive solution.

Although challenges remain, the potential for transformation is undeniable. To explore and implement this innovative solution for your fleet, we invite you to please contact us.

Together, let’s build a future of
business mobility
more intelligent, sustainable and efficient.