OpenFleet Carsharing technology :
How does it work?

Carsharing technology: what’s involved?

Professional car-sharing, integrating car-sharing technology, is a shared mobility solution for companies, organizations and public authorities, helping to reduce costs and the ecological footprint by optimizing vehicle use. To optimize the use of your car fleet, our carsharing technology includes :

It can be used to check the driver’s identity, authorize access to the vehicle and calculate usage data (time and mileage).

It is used to keep keys securely in the vehicle.

Optional, it allows the renter to access the vehicle with his or her personal badge. The vehicle can also be accessed by telephone.

With our mobility solutions for your business:

Vehicle key dematerialization

Simplified vehicle access without a physical key, increasing efficiency and convenience.

Securing vehicles

Enhanced safety thanks to advanced technologies to protect shared vehicles.

Driver authentication

Rigorous verification of drivers’ identity to guarantee safe, reliable service.

Our management platform, integrating
car-sharing technology, will enable you to:

Manage your driver community

You can manage your community of users by importing your collaborators in bulk or registering them individually. Registrations are monitored in real time, and profiles must be validated before accessing the driver platform. You can organize your employees into groups or sub-groups, with different access rights.

Manage your fleet

You’ll be able to organize the availability calendar for each vehicle, and plan future interventions and maintenance. You can also set up customized alerts and notifications, plan safety margins between rentals, etc.

Making informed decisions with data

Thanks to our real-time data reports and our statistics module, your fleet management will be easier than ever. You’ll be able to better size your fleet based on information on utilization rates, and you’ll be able to keep precise track of the condition of each car.

Carpooling option

By activating this option, you encourage your employees to share their journeys and travel in the same car. Further reduce your carbon footprint and fleet costs

Private Use option

This option allows you to make your cars available to your teams for private use, for a fee or free of charge, during the time slots of your choice.

The user journey on our
car-sharing technology platform

Your users have access to a web space or mobile application for :

Find and reserve a vehicle

Opening the vehicle without a physical key

Carry out a car check at the beginning and end of the rental period

Watch the video explaining the practical use of our professional car-sharing solution

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