Solutions mobilité en entreprise
Offrez la liberté à vos collaborateurs

An innovative, all-inclusive mobility service for businesses

Simplify your fleet management and optimize your resources with our mobility solutions for your business:

Simplifiez la gestion de flotte :

Vos collaborateurs peuvent réserver leur véhicule en ligne et y accéder grâce à une clé dématérialisée.

Reduce your expenses:

Identify savings opportunities and tailor your fleet to actual usage.

Earn income:

By opening up your fleet to private use, your employees have access to your vehicles outside working hours.

Développez la politique RSE :

L’autopartage peut constituer un axe essentiel de votre stratégie RSE en contribuant à la réduction des émissions de carbone et à la promotion d’une culture d’entreprise écoresponsable.

Solution de mobilité en entreprise OpenFleet –
modules disponibles

Discover the modules of our enterprise mobility technology solution

Managing your vehicle fleet :

Define the availability of your fleet: Thanks to our platform, you can easily define the time slots during which your vehicles are available for reservation.

Intervene remotely on your vehicles: Our system enables you to monitor and control your vehicles remotely, giving you proactive management to ensure their smooth operation and safety.

Follow service alerts: Stay informed in real time about the condition of your vehicles with our service alert system.

Plan your technical inspections and overhauls: Simplify your fleet maintenance by easily planning the technical inspections and overhauls you need.

User management :

Manage your drivers: easily grant access to shared vehicles by assigning specific authorizations to each user. Our intuitive system enables you to manage your user base efficiently, adding, modifying or deleting drivers as required.

Booking made easy: Our user-friendly tools enable drivers to book available vehicles quickly and easily. Thanks to our intuitive interface, users can plan their trips in just a few clicks.

Reservations management :

Integrated inventories: Simplify the vehicle pick-up process with our integrated inventories feature.

Dematerialized vehicle access: Eliminate the hassle of physical keys by giving your drivers dematerialized access to their vehicles. Whether via a mobile app or a badge, our solutions provide secure, autonomous access to reserved vehicles.

Offer carpooling: Encourage more efficient use of vehicles by offering carpooling options to your employees. Our platform facilitates the matching of drivers sharing similar routes, helping to reduce costs and environmental footprints.

Optimize your mobility budget with OpenFleet :

Valuation of journeys: invoice your customers for vehicle use, or re-invoice internal costs according to your projects.

Private use: Maximize vehicle use by offering your employees options for private use on weekday evenings and weekends.

Improve your statistical management :

Analysis of booking behavior: Understand booking trends and patterns for better planning and resource allocation.

Track fleet usage and adapt vehicles: Analyze vehicle usage to adjust availability and electrify your fleet, promoting more sustainable mobility.

Track data to improve your CSR policy: Use your fleet’s data to assess and improve your CSR performance.

Les avantages de notre solution de mobilité en entreprise

Enjoy all the benefits of our enterprise mobility technology solution.

Automated vehicle loan, 24/7 access

Opportunity to make the fleet more profitable and “green” (thanks to private use)

Responds to new regulatory constraints (driver identification, creation of PDE, etc.)

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