The OpenFleet car-sharing solution
in the press

Car-sharing: cutting costs and CO2 emissions

“Carsharing has a number of advantages for companies. Firstly, it helps to reduce the number of vehicles in the fleet and, incidentally, CO2 emissions…. ”

published on 30/10/2023

Carsharing: TotalEnergies expands its Mobility Business offering with the “Carsharing” solution

“Drawing on the expertise of OpenFleet and WayKonect, a mobility greentech and subsidiary of the energy company, the system is 100% digital and relies on a range of connected tools…”

published 06/30/2023

Cédric Le Floch, Calvados department: “Carsharing makes life easier”.

“The Calvados department is switching its fleet of 160 pool vehicles to carsharing, by equipping them with a tracking solution. With benefits to match…. ”

published on 23/06/2023

TotalEnergies launches its new carsharing solution: Mobility Business Carsharing

“The Mobility Business offer is enhanced by the Mobility Business Carsharing solution, in partnership with OpenFleet, the expert in shared mobility technologies…. ”

published on 21/06/2023

Essia Group: car-sharing, first results

“A player in social housing in the Île-de-France region, the Essia Group has set up a fleet of twelve car-sharing vehicles among its 85-vehicle fleet…. ”

Published 12/06/2023

Calvados approves carsharing according to OpenFleet

“In April 2022, the Département du Calvados adopted OpenFleet’s carsharing solution for its fleet of vehicles. After a year of use, it’s time for a positive assessment, and a precursor to future innovations! … ”

Published on 04/05/2023

Press release

“OpenFleet announces positive initial results 1 year after the Calvad Department’s fleet went carsharing… ”

Published on 04/05/2023

Calvados invests in carsharing with OpenFleet

“The Calvados department has just integrated the shared mobility solution developed by OpenFleet to equip its vehicle fleet with 165 shared cars…. ”

Published on 01/04/2022

Self-service connected vehicles at Car’Go rental company

“People want to be able to pick up a vehicle at lunchtime, in the evening and at weekends. OpenFleet will enable you to meet this expectation, to be ever closer to our customers…… ”

Published on 11/07/2017

CarGo launches connected rental with OpenFleet

“Thanks to OpenFleet’s solution, we benefit from connected vehicles that provide our customers with a secure, reliable, efficient and easy-to-use rental alternative…… ”

Published 06/21/2017

80 to 90% of our automotive business disappears…

“Koolicar’s Open Fleet offer makes it possible to work on packages that combine management, thanks to this start-up’s solution, and insurance…… ”

Published on 12/10/2016

OpenFleet, a new car-sharing solution that optimizes…

“This technology thus makes it possible to gradually increase the utilization rate of its vehicles, leaving the manager the choice of personalizing his service…… ”

Published on 08/04/2015

The CarGo franchise launches self-service car rental

“OpenFleet’s ambition is to support these transformations with simple, effective solutions to optimize the use of existing vehicle fleets…… ”

Published 03/23/2015

OpenFleet offers carsharing to optimize fleet management

“To ensure that each vehicle is immobilized for as little time as possible, OpenFleet enables fleet managers to open their vehicles outside service hours…… ”

Published 03/23/2015

Manage usage, vehicle names…

“Collaborative behaviors can also help neighborhood businesses and communities of neighbors gain access to new mobility services……”

Published on 17/04/2015

A solution for optimizing and making the most of company cars

“Professional car-sharing specialist OpenFleet offers to add value to existing fleets via an original approach combining fleet management functionalities…… ”

Published on 18/03/2015

OpenFleet offers carsharing to optimize fleet management

“OpenFleet is based on a fully automated system with on-board technology compatible on all vehicles and a dedicated platform. No Excel files or exchanges…… ”

Published 03/23/2015

What Koolicar learned from its €18 million fund-raising campaign

“Our objective is growth for our structures, Koolicar and our B2B offering, OpenFleet. Our two brands bring intelligence to cars that weren’t…… ”

Published on 22/09/2017

CarGo rents out self-service vehicles

“Thanks to a dedicated mobile application, he is guided at every stage: vehicle rental in the parking lot, opening/closing the doors, inventory of fixtures…… “

Published on 06/20/2017

OpenFleet, a new player in B-to-B car-sharing

“All the ingredients of a car-sharing service are there…… ”

Published 03/19/2015

OpenFleet and Car’Go revolutionize traditional car rental

“With its connected box, the OpenFleet solution offers the user the possibility of managing the opening of the doors of the rented vehicle directly from his smartphone…… ”

Published 06/23/2017

Carsharing solution optimizes fleet management and makes it profitable

“Every year, fleet managers face ambitious targets for rationalizing their fleet costs…… ”

Published on 18/03/2015