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Welcome to the frequently asked questions page of OpenFleet, your trusted partner in car-sharing technology. We understand that you may have questions, so we’ve put together the answers to the most common ones below. If your question is not answered here, please contact us directly.

Car-sharing is a solution that enables cars to be shared between several users, with the aim of making better use of resources and helping to reduce carbon footprints. The aim is to optimize the number of vehicles required to meet the mobility needs of a community of users.

Community car-sharing is when vehicles are accessible to the general public. Community car-sharing is a highly effective complement to public transport services. In company car-sharing services, use of the vehicles is reserved for a “closed” community, generally the company’s employees.
Self-drive cars are generally equipped with technology that allows users to reserve, locate and enter the vehicle without having to exchange keys.

OpenFleet offers a car-sharing platform with or without in-car technology. In-car technology/boxes automate vehicle access and eliminate key management constraints.

The first step is to discuss your needs and objectives with our specialists. Our team will help you think about your options, and can offer you the chance to test and evaluate the benefits of carsharing.

Car-sharing is the sharing of a car, meaning that several people can access and reserve the same vehicle.

Carpooling is the sharing of a journey by vehicle, i.e. several people in the same vehicle for a given journey or part of a journey.

Our car-sharing technology is based on a user-friendly platform, enabling users to locate, reserve and unlock a vehicle from their smartphone. The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices and electronic locking systems, ensuring secure access and a hassle-free experience.

Yes, we can equip any type of vehicle, whether thermal, hybrid or electric.

Carsharing offers a number of significant benefits, such as reduced fleet costs, lower carbon footprint, greater flexibility for users, simplified logistics management, and the ability to track and analyze vehicle use in depth. These benefits contribute to more efficient fleet management and more sustainable use of resources, generating savings and environmental benefits for your company or community.

Yes, our car-sharing solution can be customized to reflect your corporate identity. This includes logo, colors and even specific features to suit your needs.

Absolutely. We offer total flexibility to define customized usage rules, such as access times, authorized areas, and specific restrictions to meet your unique needs. We have over 70 business rules that can be parameterized and configured to meet a wide variety of needs.

Yes, our platform generates detailed reports on fleet utilization, booking trends, operational costs, and other relevant data. These reports can be customized to suit your needs.

The costs are, on the one hand, those linked to the technology/housing in the cars and, on the other, the use of the software platform. The platform is offered in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode, in the form of a monthly license for each vehicle equipped.

Yes, we offer comprehensive training for end-users and fleet managers. This ensures optimum use of carsharing technology and efficient fleet management.

Data protection is a priority. We implement strict protocols that comply with current regulations to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your company’s data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss these issues in detail or for any additional questions you may have.

Our car-sharing technology eliminates the need for physical keys. Vehicle access is managed electronically via the application, simplifying the logistics of keys and access cards.

Yes, our solution is designed to integrate easily with other fleet management systems, such as expense tracking systems, human resources management solutions, and other tools already in place within your organization.

We believe that customer support is essential to the success of a carsharing project. We are extremely close to all our customers and always available to respond to their requests. From initial platform configuration to operational monitoring and statistical analysis of your deployment, our team helps you control the evolution of your mobility throughout your project.

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