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We understand that implementing car-sharing can be a significant change for a public organization.

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OpenFleet has real expertise with helping public administrations and entities implement car-sharing.

A mobility consultant will be dedicated to your project before, during, and after its deployment, along with a comprehensive communication kit.

5 reasons to choose OpenFleet’s solution to manage a public fleet

OpenFleet car-sharing solutions are specifically designed for government or public entities. OpenFleet technology allows employees to access vehicles on a per-need basis. Instead of assigning cars to individuals or specific departments, car-sharing establishes a shared pool of vehicles accessible as needed.

Car-sharing allows for sharing costs among multiple users. This means fewer vehicles to maintain, reduced parking needs, and lower expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of cars.

Car-sharing enables a more efficient use of fleet resources. Instead of leaving vehicles unused for a significant part of the day, car-sharing maximizes their utilization by making them available to users when needed. Our statistical module highlights underutilized vehicles or stations, allowing for a realignment of vehicle allocation strategy or removal of vehicles from the fleet. Going further, the vehicle fleet can be opened to the public (evenings and weekends) at preferential rates.

Public administrations can play a leading role by adopting sustainable mobility practices and encouraging their employees to choose environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The Openfleet solution allows for decarbonizing the vehicle fleet and managing an electric fleet with alerts specific to the fleet manager (e.g., battery level, car charging status, range). Car-sharing helps comply with various regulations (For instance, the SPASER Law in France).

Users can reserve a vehicle according to their specific needs, whether for a short duration or an extended period. This flexibility allows for adjusting the fleet based on actual demand, thereby avoiding unused vehicles or shortages during peak periods. Additionally, car-sharing provides access to a variety of vehicle types to meet specific needs such as transporting equipment or passengers. The technical expertise of the Openfleet team enables the installation of the solution on all types of vehicles, whether they are conventional, hybrid, or electric.

A car-sharing solution simplifies fleet management for public administrations. Through a user-friendly online platform, it is possible to centrally manage reservations, users, vehicles, and reports. Furthermore, car-sharing technologies eliminate the physical management of keys, reducing administrative burden and facilitating easy tracking of costs, vehicle usage, and other relevant statistics. Streamlining management allows public administrations to focus on their core missions rather than dedicating time and resources to fleet management.

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