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Press release: OpenFleet & Département du Calvados

OpenFleet announces positive first results 1 year after the Calvados Department’s car-sharing fleet was launched

Paris, May 4, 2023: OpenFleet, a company specializing in carsharing technologies for corporate and public sector fleets, today announced the positive results of its partnership with the Département du Calvados after 1 year of using its carsharing technology.

The Département du Calvados has chosen OpenFleet in 2021 to rethink the mobility of its vehicle fleet with a view to decarbonization, as well as to solve the problem of managing physical keys to vehicles in some of its buildings. After testing the solution on part of its fleet, the Département chose OpenFleet as its long-term partner. 160 vehicles are shared by 1,100 employees at 18 sites, giving a ratio of around 16 employees per vehicle.

Cédric Le Floch, Director of Public Purchasing at the Département du Calvados, is delighted with this choice: ‘The technical solution is very reliable and well adapted to our needs. Change management was the main challenge in setting up carsharing, and we received excellent support from the OpenFleet teams. We train agents in groups in order to raise their awareness and support them in this new mobility practice’.

After a year in use, the Département du Calvados is measuring the initial benefits of this solution, which has enabled it to combine service quality performance with user feedback. Fleet managers are very satisfied with the richness of the system. They have a better understanding of how their fleet is used, which means they can be more relevant in their management review. User acceptance also seems to be high, with a satisfaction rating of over 4 out of 5. In addition, the department has been able to reposition 4 agents who previously managed the fleet and car keys to higher value-added tasks.

Finally, the OpenFleet solution has enabled the department to comply with the new SPASER law, which concerns all local authorities and includes a car-sharing and mobility component.

Stéphane Savouré, General Manager of OpenFleet, is delighted with this positive outcome: Car-sharing is a natural and highly effective solution to climate change and budgetary pressures. The team at the Département du Calvados is very proactive and committed to its car-sharing project. We’re very proud of the results obtained after 1 year, and look forward to replicating this experience with other administrations and local authorities. ‘

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About OpenFleet: OpenFleet specializes in car-sharing solutions for corporate and public sector fleets. OpenFleet helps reduce fleet costs and CO2 emissions, as well as improving user satisfaction. OpenFleet is based in Paris.