What are the functionalities of a car-sharing box?

OpenFleet stands out as a leading provider of car-sharing technologies for businesses and local authorities. Our expertise extends to various types of vehicle, including combustion, hybrid and electric. Users can easily access vehicles using our on-board technology, either with a personal badge or via the OpenFleet mobile application.

In this document, we’ll be paying particular attention to the car-sharing box that makes professional car-sharing possible, an essential tool that facilitates access to this service, which is expanding rapidly for both economic and ecological reasons.

How car-sharing boxes work and why they’re useful

In the first section, we’ll look at how these devices work, and why it’s a good idea to integrate them into your corporate or private fleet.

Key technology for car-sharing units

OpenFleet incorporates advanced technology into its car-sharing boxes, offering a simplified and secure user experience. The box, linked to a mobile application, has two main functions: on the one hand, it enables keyless opening and closing of the vehicle, increasing convenience and efficiency for users. It also transmits data in real time, enabling the vehicle to be located, tracked and invoiced efficiently.

Easy to use and time-saving

Thanks to car-sharing boxes, employees can access company vehicles quickly and easily. In a car rental business, this technology eliminates the need for queues to collect keys, eliminates the need for a management infrastructure, and offers greater flexibility to access vehicles outside opening hours.

Efficient resource management

Car-sharing boxes, linked to car-sharing software, can optionally track vehicle use in real time. This promotes more efficient and economical management of company resources, avoiding vehicle downtime and enabling optimum allocation according to need.

Contribution to the environment

By making it possible to car-share a corporate fleet, car-sharing box technology such as OpenFleet’s helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thus easing congestion and reducing the carbon footprint. By opting for our car-sharing solutions, your company is committed to an environmentally-friendly approach.

Strategic benefits of a car-sharing box

Now let’s move on to the benefits of the box for direct users, as well as for corporate and local authority fleet managers.

For users

A car equipped with car-sharing technology is accessible to users at any time, without the need for physical keys. Users don’t have to comply with the opening hours of a rental office or service, or wait to collect their keys. They save precious time and can organize their schedule as they see fit.

For fleet managers

The car-sharing box installed in a vehicle is linked to a management platform dedicated to fleet managers. The box transmits real-time data on vehicle availability for rental, position, fuel level, maintenance requirements, etc. Thanks to this on-board telematics device, fleet managers can simplify fleet management while reducing costs and optimizing resource allocation according to needs. What’s more, by adopting our car-sharing boxes, a company contributes to improving its ecological footprint.

Integrating car-sharing systems into the corporate fleet

Integrating carsharing units into a company fleet is a simple and efficient process. Installation takes between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours per vehicle. It is carried out by a professional.

Once the boxes have been installed, the selected carsharing partner helps with parameterization and customization according to the company’s specific needs.A strong carsharing partner such as OpenFleet ensures, among other things, data security and the protection of all company information throughout the process.

Future prospects: evolution of professional car-sharing systems

In the future, professional car-sharing boxes will become smarter and AI-driven, able to provide predictive analytics for better fleet management.

At OpenFleet, our aim is to advance carsharing technology to meet the changing demands of business.

To find out more about our solutions or to discover our system up close, don’t hesitate to contact OpenFleet. We’re ready to help you achieve the digital transformation of your fleet.