How can carsharing help companies optimize their car fleets?

Optimize your car fleet with carsharing

Car-sharing is an increasingly popular way for companies to optimize the management of their vehicle fleets. This solution enables several people to share several vehicles, whether commercial or private. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of carsharing for businesses.

Cost reduction

Car-sharing enables companies to reduce the costs of their own vehicle fleets and employee travel. Carsharing makes it possible to limit the size of a fleet by maximizing the number of users. In other words: fewer cars, more users.

In addition, costs associated with cabs, short-term car rentals and mileage allowances are considerably reduced. These savings can have a significant impact on company finances.

Detailed analysis of vehicle use

Carsharing also enables detailed analysis of vehicle use, thanks to its reservation and management system. Employers have an overview of the services provided, such as the time spent in each vehicle, the distance travelled, the journey time, and so on. In this way, even unfair use is avoided. This precise analysis also enables us to better understand employees’ travel habits and adapt the vehicle fleet accordingly.

Reducing the ecological footprint

By using a car-sharing solution for their company, employers can also reduce their ecological footprint. By sharing vehicles, the number of cars on the road is reduced, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. It also enables companies to make a greater commitment to sustainable development.

Ease of use

Carsharing is simple and easy to use. The employee receives a badge or a dematerialized key (mobile application). Using a login and password, employees can log on to the site and make reservations.

The car can then be opened using a badge or a telephone key , which is recognized by a box inside the car. If the slightest problem is detected, employees can contact the helpdesk from inside the vehicle. Insurance and maintenance are handled by the service providers.

Possibility of offering private use of vehicles

A company may decide to open up carsharing for private use. Employees can rent company vehicles, which are generally less expensive than traditional rental companies. When picking up the vehicle at work, the employee doesn’t have to go to the car rental company. In addition to the obvious practical advantages, the company also benefits financially, since rental income is deducted from the total cost of the car-sharing vehicles used.


In conclusion, carsharing is an increasingly popular solution for companies looking to optimize their vehicle fleets. The benefits are many, including lower costs, ease of use, a smaller environmental footprint and detailed analysis of vehicle use. Companies looking to cut costs while improving their environmental footprint should seriously consider this solution.

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