Carsharing technology: what you need to know

The meteoric rise of technology has radically transformed various sectors, including vehicle rental. Thanks to major advances and the emergence of new players, this industry has undergone an unprecedented revolution. Among these developments, car-sharing technology has stood out, reshaping the world of vehicle rental. So what are the advantages of this self-service technology? Would you like to find out how it’s changing the landscape? Join us as we explore the next phase of carsharing innovation.

Key benefits of car-sharing technology

Car-sharing technology offers a host of advantages, simplifying car rental and fleet management. Firstly, it introduces a business model shaped by data. Thanks to this data-driven approach, companies can benefit from a better understanding of their customers’ habits, enabling them to make more informed decisions and optimize their services.

What’s more, this technology is resolutely focused on improving the user experience. It offers quick and easy access to vehicles, reduces waiting times and simplifies the booking process, making the use of the carsharing service smoother and more pleasant for employees or drivers.

Finally, it’s important to note that carsharing technology is constantly evolving. At OpenFleet, we’re constantly working to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to continually improve the tools we make available to our customers. This progressive evolution enables us to respond effectively to the changing needs of our customers and the car-sharing industry.

Features of car-sharing technology

  • Integrating carsharing into the company’s mobility policy

Car-sharing is an essential pillar of any modern company’s mobility policy. A partner like OpenFleet facilitates this integration by offering an easy-to-use platform that can be tailored to each company’s specific needs. For example, a company could use our platform to manage a fleet of electric cars, helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Reservation and Usage Planning Systems

With a car-sharing solution, users can reserve a vehicle in just a few clicks, without the need for a complex and time-consuming reservation process.

  • Real-time tracking and geolocation of company vehicles

The ability to track the location of vehicles in real time is a key feature of carsharing technology. This enables companies to monitor the efficiency of their fleet and make adjustments accordingly. What’s more, geolocation can help increase vehicle and driver safety.

  • Access Control and Vehicle Unlocking Solutions

The on-board telematics box, linked to the management and user platforms, controls vehicle access and unlocking. This means that only authorized users can access company vehicles, helping to reinforce security and reduce the risk of theft, misuse, etc.

  • Cost Management and Automated Billing

Thanks to carsharing technology, companies can easily track and manage the costs associated with their fleet of vehicles. An automated billing system also simplifies the management process, which can help reduce errors and improve efficiency.

  • Data Security and Confidentiality in Carsharing Solutions

Data security is a major concern for all companies. This should also apply to car-sharing. Solid technology must ensure data confidentiality and security, guaranteeing that sensitive information is always well protected.

  • Employee training in the use of car-sharing technologies

Finally, the implementation of a carsharing solution must be accompanied by training for managers and users. This ensures that all users are comfortable with the system’s operation and can get the most out of it. These training courses are part of OpenFleet’s enterprise mobility solution for companies large and small.

What new advances can we expect in car-sharing technology?

As carsharing technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see major advances in artificial intelligence, connectivity and automation. As a leading supplier and integrator, OpenFleet will remain at the forefront of these developments, offering innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. To find out more about our services, or to discuss what the future might hold for carsharing, we invite you to contact us via our website or on LinkedIn.