From Connected Vehicle to Autonomous Vehicle

Get ready for the next revolution in mobility.

OpenFleet Mobility Lab

As an Operating System in the field of innovative mobility, OpenFleet Mobility Lab is already working on technologies to include autonomous vehicle architecture on our online platforms. Our OpenFleet team is currently involved in a number of autonomous vehicle R&D programs and working groups with the world’s leading automakers.


enable you to optimize your service operations by managing, via dedicated modules :

  • Automatic vehicle dispatching to optimize your routes
  • Dynamic pricing of your service according to planned or unforeseen events
  • Monitoring of the most important alert indicators for your operations, such as the charging rate of your electric vehicles or the rise in fuel level
  • Security and monitoring of the physical/logical integrity of your autonomous vehicle fleet (anti-theft notifications, intrusion attempts, etc.).
  • Processing of vehicle usage metadata and analysis reports including graphs, statistics, vehicle scoring, heatmaps, tables and recommendations (depending on your deployment strategy).
  • API-based interfacing between several autonomous vehicle operating networks

Because the 3rd industrial revolution is underway, OpenFleet can help you define your strategy for launching an autonomous vehicle service.

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